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burn (river-name) + hamm land surrounded by water\marsh + dēop deep + dæl Old English pit. Population - 897.

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Norfolk Coat of Arms

Right on the A149 and the North Norfolk coast, here be a popular and picturesque holiday spot.

The round-tower church of St Mary's is typical for round this way. It's unclear why they proliferated here, theories range from the type of stone used to mysterious Bronze Age links to Seahenge, the worst water-proofed of all the henges.

Burnham Deepdale - St Mary's Church

It's also a stopping-off point on the long-distance Norfolk Coast Path although this one is fairly flat and hugs the coast for a recently extended 84 miles.

If you're walking from Hopton-on-Sea to Hunstanton then congratulations you've nearly finished. If you're walking from Hunstanton then you'll barely have broken a sweat.

  Deepdale Café (Dalegate Market)

Get here early for a Full English since the fry ups look to be timed to fill up the walkers. Normal service is resumed after noon and they'll even let you sit outside.

Rainy-day mooching is accommodated in what is thought to be called a parade of shops at Dalegate Market. No such need during today's sizzler and the offer of a hand-painted cup was passed over.

Burnham Deepdale - Dalegate Market

Unlike Alex Horne's amusing and sometimes touching account of his  inaugural year of birding[1], which wasn't but has since been passed over to Oxfam™.

Burnham Deepdale runs into Brancaster Staithe but, interestingly, there's a couple of 100 yards of no man's land between the village signs. The term 'interestingly' is used because a pal once had a Xmas job in a busy, city centre Post Office™ and 'absolute bedlam!' was how he described it.

Somebody needs to sort the gap out here because can you imagine the chaos in that North Norfolk sorting room at the same time of year?

[1] It beats all of this nonsense by at least five years.

  The White Horse (Main Road)

Take a wander through no man's land to Brancaster Staithe where the White Horse Inn does the rare thing and actually honours its gastropub boast. There's a sun-drenched, decked terrace where you can watch a henpecked husband carry all the bags from the car to their lodgings.

Burnham Deepdale is not to be confused with Burnham Market or Burnham Thorpe or Burnham Norton or Burnham Overy Town or Burnham Overy Staithe.

The last one has a nice walk out to the remote beach if you like looking at this sort of thing.

Near Burnham Overy Staithe

If you're not from these parts and you're visiting for the first time, you'll know what all the fuss about the North Norfolk Coast is now.

  Brancaster Beach

You're rather spoilt for beaches on this stretch of coast and there's a brilliant one with a Blue Flag that's reachable from Brancaster.