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cniht servant, soldier + tūn Old English farmstead, settlement. Population - 3,500.

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Powys Coat of Arms

If you're at the railway station, it'll come as a surprise to find that you're still in Shropshire, England. Head across the river into Wales, however, and you'll be wondering who the heck is Treff-y-Clawdd?

Trevor who? That's the Welsh name for Knighton, of course, the 'Town on the Dyke' but more on that in a minute.

There have been a few ding-dongs here over the centuries and they've all been about the border. No 'Welcome to Wales' signs were seen on the way in but the friendly staff in the bakery quashed any thoughts you're still not.

The pull up Russell Street is worth it if only for a glimpse of the border country that's been ding-dong'ed over, not shown.

Remember that boring bit in Blue Peter? You know, the bit before Noakesy would go and jump off something? Well, there's a childhood memory of the Thames freezing over and something called Offa's Dyke.

The Anglo-Saxon king Offa ordered the construction of this earthen barrier back in the 8th century. He ruled on a strict anti-Welsh platform and many thought him to be a bit 'offa-his-head'.

There's a strenuous looking 177-mile-long-distance footpath now that runs its course through here but don't be press-ganged into doing this for charity, it's an 'offa' you can refuse.

There's also a free Visitor Centre here to jog those Blue Peter memories but what are those mysterious earthworks behind the car park? A mystical, Celtic burial mound? The remains of an Iron Age settlement?

Knighton - Offa's Dyke Centre

Nah, it's a skate park.

Thanks for the memories, by the way, Mr  Noakes.

  Offa's Dyke Centre (West Street)

Surprisingly interesting, interactive exhibition in the small Visitor Centre. Take yourself into the woods on the trail but don't expect a Blue Peter Badge! That's reserved for those who complete the strenuous 177-mile-long-distance footpath.

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