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wrenta (personal name) + hām Old English homestead Old English. Population - 875.

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Wrentham Sign

Wrentham's town sign celebrates the Stars and Stripes indicating a strong link with their U.S. namesakes. It's in Norfolk, the USA one, that is, and that's Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

This is in Suffolk and Stove Solutions on the high street have a mass of 'flue-sets', they supply quite a variety of home burning equipment, you see.

Here is also on a major, five-way intersection with the North East Suffolk state highway or the A12 if you'd rather but you can get here on a B road by bike should you be cycling in the area.

Wrentham - 5 Ways

There's a shop for some pop, a pair of pubs and Simply Sewing can take care of all your needlecraft needs. They keep irregular hours so you might have to make a dash for that haberdash.

Not a church per se, the Old Town Hall was built in 1860 in that intimidating and imitable style for weekend worshipping only.

Wrentham - Old Town Hall

He sounded alright the Rev Stephen Clissold whose own money and community mindedness were behind the operation. There were hymns on Sunday for sure but come as you please midweek, non-Christians more than welcome.

It fell into the inevitable state of disrepair in the 1980s when it was sold into private hands. SlyBob P.I. can confirm it wastefully remains half boarded up, all it needs is a log burning fire and a few new sets of curtains...

Now where are you going to get those round here?

  Stephanie's Country Kitchen (Crossways)

Right on the five-way intersection, reasonably priced café with parking opposite and a good sideline in Sunday dinners, she says.

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