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middel Old English middle + halh Anglian (a) nook (of land). Population - 13,388.

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Mildenhall Sign

They occasionally open up the tower of St Mary's Church for a far better view of town. Up there is the transmitter for the somewhat unexpected Zack FM, a local radio station who broadcast from an old shop opposite a furniture store near here.

They've presumably spun Let There Be More Light, an early Pink Floyd offering with them wibbling on about aliens landing here in Mildenhall, or something.

In the colourful marketplace, you can buy a dog bed and\or a Star-Spangled Banner but the reason for Old Glory?

Mildenhall - Marketplace
Near Mildenhall - Lockheed C_130

Only U.S. 'special operations' at nearby RAFs Mildenhall and Lakenheath although they're rumoured to be relocating to Germany.

That's not good news for the several eateries who'll be hoping not to go the way of the White Hart. That's a roundabout way, by the way, of saying that it used to be a pub and now it's not.

  Spice Lounge (High Street)

It's not know how many 'Merkins are still over here but at least 14 based on a head count in the local and decent tandoori. Get here early to nab a table ahead of them and by the way buddy, it's not a 'side' of 'peel-ow', it's just rice.

I don't know, they come over here, you think they'd learn a little of our customs?

  Gandhi Indian Cuisine (High Street)

An acceptable looking Indian alternative to the Spice Lounge, see above, with over 160 dishes to choose from, yeah right, but handy if more than 14 'Merkins are in town.

The River Lark is in two parts and the area west of the bridge was noted as perhaps the most 'Mickey-Takingly' scenic ever?

Mildenhall - Near the River Lark
Mildenhall - The River Lark

That was until a jaunt to Barton Mills brings you back on a riverside stretch that could only be described as even better.

This was just as well since you'll meet Mildenhall High Town on the way back in, a generic redevelopment that lacks any of the charm of the high street.

Mildenhall High Town
(From) Mildenhall High Town

Dead-eyed customers stare into their Costa™s not batting an eyelid at some old U.S. bomber or other that was buzzing about.

  En Thai Sing (St Andrew's Street)

If your taste buds fancy heading east, it's around here that you'll find 'En-Thai-Sing', a restaurant that demands a visit. Not for the reputation of their far-flung fayre rather the bare-faced cheek of the name.

The Old Mill did used to do just that but now provides lucky locals with nice views of the Lark.

Mildenhall - The Old Mill

You too might end up staying near here and there were some concerns on the snoozing front what with the wedding party but they were noisily less than expected.

The tandoori taken earlier could also have been skipped, the evening reception BBQ's queue was within easy reach of an outdoor table that had been nabbed for a nightcap.

  The Riverside House Hotel (Mill Street)

Georgian house hotel whose name and address means it shouldn't be too difficult to find and there's likely to be a wedding on.

The next night wouldn't have been such a steal. The hotel was closed for a 'Special Event' and Sly had a theory... Prince Harry!

Prince Harry's getting married here tomorrow. He's getting married here to... Jessie J! Yes, the bob-haired songstress is 'eating for two' and Charlie will be here with his shotgun. There was nothing in the papers and, well, you don't hear too much from her, these days?

This happened a little while ago but the same rule still applies. You know when you really don't need that nightcap?

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