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edwin (personal name) + stōw Old English (resting) place. Population - 5,188.

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Edwinstowe Sign

Edwin was some old Saxon king of Northumbria, or something, but he met his match against the Mercians somewhere near Nottingham, or somewhere.

This could, however, equally well be called Robinstowe and yes, he of 'Hood' fame. He hails from 100 yards up the road where Sherwood Forest starts but that's another story and it's not like they're playing on it.

Oh yes they are.

Funnily enough, Northumberland is just about where SlyBob are heading back to but Lockdown 2.0™ looms so while they're happy enough to accommodate here, up there they can't.

The first sign is the Welcome To sign announcing Robin Hood's Village, told you so.

Edwinstowe - Robin Hood's Village

Marion makes an appearance on it as she would have at the Church of St Mary at some unspecified time between the 11th and 16th centuries.

Edwinstowe - Church of St Mary
Edwinstowe - Church of St Mary

The church, itself, dates from 1175 and if you're in any doubt about any of it, it's been spelt out for you in blue and white.

It's not thought that Robin's Den is a particular thing unless you're looking for a holiday cottage in Whitby or a woodland walk in County Durham, charmingly named by some schoolchildren.

Edwinstowe - High Street
Edwinstowe - High Street

Perhaps Robin is just the guy who sells souvenirs in Edwinstowe and he does this along an attractive stretch that's nowhere near as functional as can often be found in County Durham.

There's a bronze, abstract proposal of Robin to his maid outside of the Co-op™, not shown, but with the fleshpots not fully functioning during you-know-what that looks to be Edwinstowe exhausted.

As is Thoresby Colliery, Nottinghamshire's last working mine, and it was less than a mile north-east of here.

Not that you'd know it, there's no real evidence of any excavating in these parts with just the boarded-up Ye Old Jug and Glass passing for what could have been the old Co-op™ building, not shown.

That's the County Durham callbacks just about done apart from the fact that Thoresby lasted until 2015, which is considerably longer than the ones in Durham did, right comrades?

There's a wealth of accommodation available in the immediate area but that's likely to be in a forest lodge, bang in the middle of Sherwood.

The original Forest Lodge, however, is an 18th-century coaching inn and it's right here on the crossroads and extremely handy for industrial-scale quantities of vape.

Edwinstowe - Forest Lodge Hotel

It's currently 10 PM closing but with renewed restrictions slowly heading south, would this be an inconvenience for them for the evening? The just-about-empty car park suggests hardly any other guests and would they be opening the kitchen especially?

Worry-ye-not, this is where half of Edwinstowe come for really rather good and socially distanced dinner on a Friday and there isn't a Hunter's Chicken in sight. That was once considered exotic as is, no doubt, a hot tub in a forest but if, or if ever when, you find yourselves in the area then you should stay here.

The problem is, driving instructions might be made more difficult. To recover from the economic battering and to entice visitors now having to settle for a #UKation, the place will have been rebranded as 'Robinsville' by then, probably.