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framela (personal name) + ingas the people of + hām Old English homestead. Population - 3,086.

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Sep 2015

Framlingham Sign

This small market town in Suffolk is probably best known for its castle, that and Ed Sheeran but more on that in a minute.

Framlingham - Historic Market Town

The castle, that is, as for the copper-topped songster, he grew up here, went to the not posh school and one day will regret getting all them tattoos but more on him in a minute.

Today is half about the castle[1] but, this before having been so beguiled by Belsay, some forking out is required although English Heritage™ will then throw in the parking for 'free'.

This prior to a small loop that's more than merely distracting and some detective work on a case that will never go cold.

What do you mean? You've not seen it?

[1] The castle is, of course, Sheeran's  Castle on the Hill and can be glimpsed whilst maintaining an inappropriate velocity on a minor, rural road, apparently.

The whole place flourished during the Tudors and, unlike Dick Van Dyke in  Mary Popeyes, there was some fine, chimney-related work being done.

Framlingham Castle - Tudor-ish Chimney

There's a right good view from the ramparts, just about borderline for these wobblies and yes, that'll be the old vertigo.

Framlingham Castle - View from the Ramparts
Framlingham Castle - View from the Ramparts

It's not all about the ramparts and alongside the obligatory history are some unexpectedly interesting local photographs of Framlingham's then and now. All this in the old workhouse, the only surviving bit inside that's home to a permanent exhibition that's quite a piece of work.

The castle is right up right up there historical event-wise. Following the death of her father Henry VIII and then her half-brother Edward VI, Mary I was unofficially proclaimed Queen of England. Because of some old religious ding-dong[1], she marched to London from here to claim the title and this is where her supporters assembled.

The mere at the rear is deliberate, designed to reflect the impressive fortification, they say. By the end of the 16th century, however, and unlike the mere, the money had dried up and the castle was sold off as a poorhouse.

Framlingham Castle

As for the wildlife on and around the mere? Well, you skinflints can forego the castle and snuck in here for free.

[1] Some old ding-dong you say? Just the Edward VI succession crisis of 1553 that made all the front pages back then.

The path around the mere leads to New Road, which itself leads round and up to the marketplace. SlyBob are all excited because this is where they filmed some of BBC™'s BAFTA award-winning detectorists.

What do you mean you've not seen it?

See the Panorama gift shop on the left? In real life that's Maggie's New-Age shop Crystal Enigma, you know, where Lance's dreams were crushed at the end of series one?

Framlingham - Market Hill

The nuanced realisation in Toby Jones' eyes when, well that would just be spoiling. BAFTA? Get the man an Oscar!

What do you mean you've not seen it?

  221B (Bridge Street)

'Artisan Bakery & Bistro' certainly isn't over-egging the custard slice and it's not just SlyBob who speak very highly but plenty of advising trippers.

This fantastic, family-run establishment bake all of their own bread, cakes and savouries and with an area of outdoor seating and a brisk trade in takeaways, Ed Sheeran must have sucked on a sausage roll at some point, surely?

Following his initial success, the prodigious and prodigal Sheeran snapped up an old farmhouse a little way north of Framlingham. Going on, in 2015, to sell three out of every four records[1] worldwide, or something, Sheeran got the builders in but not without some local objections.

Fearing week-long orgiastic displays of decadence, no doubt, they soon shut up when they sold up as Sheeran expanded his empire. Dubbed Sheeranville, by everyone but himself, who cares if his 'wildlife' pond has handrails and tiles?

It's not a swimming pool, it's definitely not, maybe, it's just them ducks need all the help they can get, eh?

[1] You need to get with the digital, grandad!

Heading up back towards the castle, it's mandatory church snap time and this one is St Mike's or to give it his full name the Church of St Michael the Archangel.

Framlingham - The Church of Saint Michael

There's an aristocratic link to the Howard family, several of whom have a tomb here and they can be traced back to Edward I but now provide the production line for successive Dukes of Norfolk.

Rather more interestingly, the metal gate on Church Street is where Andy hid while spying on Lance's assignation with a female unknown in the Lemon Tree Bistro in series two.

What do you mean you've not seen it?

The Castle Inn near the entrance to where all of this started doubles as the Two Brewers pub and the scout hall next to that is where the DMDC meet. What's that? the Danebury Metal Detecting Club, of course!

What do you mean you've still not seen it?

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