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craven Unknown (family-name) + arms as in the pub. Population - 2,289.

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Nov 2014

Shropshire Coat of Arms

No, this isn't the name of a grotty boozer having tired of all of this nonsense and gone and gone off on a massive bender.

This is just the name of this small, Shropshire town. It's named after the original hotel that came with the railway, extending existing Newton and the hotel, in turn, was named after the old land-owning lord.

It's hoped the residents of Corvedale Road weren't too inconvenienced by some inconsiderate parking for this was a brief passing through and they won't be back from work until later, eh?

Funny little place this, part industrial park and part Coronation Street.

Craven Arms - Market Street
Craven Arms - Land of Lost Content

The Land of Lost Content 'Museum' used to charge by the hour to look at old boxes of Ker-Plunk™ and suchlike and has to be one of the most nostalgia-stirring attractions in the country, probably.

Heading down Market Street, the child-friendly Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is the main attraction and you'll find it next to the Stokesay Inn.

Stokesay Castle is just down the road and is reportedly worth a look although English Heritage™ will demand some pounds for your entrance.

Meanwhile, back at the grass-roofed Discovery Centre, they advertise a number of local walks. A.E. Houseman wrote around this place, Blue Remembered Hills.

More like 'Bulls Remember Kill!' An inquisitive herd will soon have you heading back in on a B road.

  Stokesay Castle (Ludlow Road)

A little way south, this English Heritage™-run attraction will fill you in on the history. It's a proper day out, they say, but not for SlyBob who had yet to sign up and with no need to recoup some of the capital outlay, yet.