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bēam tree + tūn Old English farmstead, settlement. Population - 1,040.

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East Yorkshire Coat of Arms

Easy enough on the eye for East Yorkshire, highlights include St. Michael's Church and roads to both Flamborough and Scarborough.

Bempton - St. Michael's Church
Bempton - The White Horse Inn

A brief stop off this from eyeing up the birds at Bempton Cliffs and the White Horse stands out like a blue whale.

No feedback on the food is forthcoming but if their finished-off plates are half as polished as the slates, this could be worth a future visit after brandishing the binocs.

The newly built Bempton and Buckton Community Village Hall has the other, adjoining village taking half the credit yet driving out through it, Buckton doesn't seem to offer a great deal more in return.

Bempton and Buckton Community Village Hall

Unlike Brighton and Hove where, despite a similar second billing, Hove provided what might be considered an equally important community service with the Goldstone Ground but also contributed more than their fair share of surrounding real estate.

No longer the Goldstone Ground, of course, they've since moved out to the boonies and the 'American Express Community Stadium', now I ask you!

Dunno why that came to mind, must have been all of those 'Seagulls' seen earlier, eh?

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