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hlūd loud + hlāw Old English hill. Population - 8,868.

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Ludlow Coat of Arms

This Shropshire market town[1] has something of an epicurean reputation. It sort of means food and yes, the spelling and the meaning had to be double-checked.

Ludlow - From Whitcliffe Common

That's Titterstone Clee Hill in the distant east but titter-ye-not! Bang in the middle of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty[2], it's the second-highest point in the county and you can drive about two-thirds of the way up it if you're just a little bit full from all that food.

[1] This, by the way, taken from Whitcliffe Common, a rather marvellous outdoor area you can get up at from over the river.
[2] As should be known by now, they don't hand them awards out willy-nilly.

  Ludlow Farmshop (Bromfield)

Essentially a posh, out of town supermarket serving up local fayre with a couple of dining options on site.

Claude Bosi's restaurant Hibiscus started this tasty trend in the early noughties and other top chefs soon followed. The annual September food festival has been boosted by their presence and set in and around Ludlow Castle, it's arguably the country's best.

You'll need reservations for the fancier joints in town, too late SlyBob for the French Pantry but check out the owner[1]'s rude replies to the older, poor and terrible reviews.

Get this, he's not even French!

[1] Under new ownership now and not quite so inclined to the online insult.

  Ludlow Brewing Co (The Railway Shed)

Down near the train station in an old railway shed. Their offerings are decent and can be found all over town but the helpful directions of a stranger may not always be on tap.

With the castle, a river and an outdoor market, there's a good day's worth here with plenty of options for the evening.

Ludlow - Broad Street
Ludlow - Broad Street

Broad Street slopes down to the River and making your way down there, the Georgian sits side by side with the Tudor.

Yellow Tudor? That's bringing back memories of Pickled Onion, right snackers?

Over the bridge, the hamlet of Ludford supplies the picture postcard content and there's a gentle riverside stroll before lugging yourself back up the hill to the centre.

  Charlton Arms (Ludford Bridge)

Right on the bridge, it's an outlet for the Ludlow Brewing Co and is run by Claude Bosi's brother Cedric and his wife Amy so it has something of an epicurean reputation.

You know when you're too old or lazy or even too afraid to embrace the Sat Nav?

Just try to remember the name of the last minute hotel that replaced the cancelled B&B otherwise you'll already have done three laps and be overly familiar with the place before you even check-in after seeking help from a stranger near the brewery.

Ludlow - Broad Street

She'll do her best to describe the narrow one-way system but you'll spend most of the afternoon worrying about getting stuck under an arch. Twice.

  The Cliffe at Dinham (Halton Lane)

Over the river at Dinham, they serve a surprisingly good supper and the Friday night jazz is jumping. It looks like they've finished the refurbishment since this visit and the prices might have crept up a bit.