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bēan (a) bean + æcer Old English field. Population - 60.

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You might end up here by bike looking for Benacre Broad, a small area of wetland with a nature reserve. It turns out not to have any obvious advertised access to the public and a tidal breach in 2011 means it's not strictly a broad no more, they say.

The village used to house the servants of Benacre Hall and it's owned by the landed Gooch family.

Invoking one of the lesser-known commandments, they won't let you into St Michael's Church and they haven't even laid on a shop selling any pop!

Thirsty work this cycling.

There's access to the sea via Beach Farm, which is about a mile east of the village, but you'll have to lock your cycles at the stile and walk the rest of the way.

The dead trees and this dune-y landscape has an unworldly feel and it's all home to a grey seal, not shown, who might cock a flipper at your arrival.

Benacre Beach
Benacre Beach

He's the only other company you're likely to be keeping although Kessingland Beach Holiday Park is within relatively easy reach of the beach.

Well, it's either there or back to Wrentham for that pop.