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mistel mistletoe + lēah Old English (woodland) clearing. Population - 1,696.

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Mistley Sign

Not including Stanstead, this was the first real foray into Essex. Meaning to go to Manningtree, a missed turn meant Mistley was the only way in Essex and all for the Stour Estuary, which they're both on, you see.

Estuary, of course, not the type of English wa' they all speak rand 'ere.

  RSPB Stour Estuary

There's a free, but donations welcome, RSPB™ nature reserve a few miles west near Wrabness with woodland and waders, when in season, the main attractions, they say.

Mistley Towers looks to be the main attraction. There used to be a church in between but that went the way in 1870 and the twin towers are now Grade I listed.

Mistley Towers

English Heritage™ will let you in for free but you'll need a key from the Mistley Thorn Hotel. The hotel has 11 rooms and you presumably tap your nose and ask at reception for... 'The key to room number 12 please.'

'Bu' we ownly go' elevin rooms. The keys ownly ga up ta elevin.  Elevin.'

You're new here aren't you?

Felixstowe and Harwich are visible downriver and Mistley was once itself a thriving port. Mistley Quay was where they did, and still do, a fair bit of loading and unloading but in 2008, the owners Trent Wharfage put up a metal fence ending 500 years of public access.

This is as close as you'll get and the ongoing objectors have applied for Village Green Status, which would legally force the fence to be removed.

Near Mistley Quay

Now, this is only known from an old boy in a mobility scooter and his dog...

'We used to go swimming in there' was his opening gambit pointing at the Stour, which he presumably meant with his young mates and not the dog. He was a lifelong Ipswich Town fan and they were just down for the day...

'I knew (Sir) Bobby Robson very well.' he said on clocking the accents...
'We (Ipswich Town) had to sell you (Newcastle United) (Keiron) Dyer to stay in business!'

The local protestors want to get whoever negotiated that deal on board, it turned out very well for the underdog. It's said underdog but only four combined league places separate the pair at the time of writing. Fingers crossed for the mighty Magpies at home to Watford tomorrow, heady times.

Newcastle United 1, Watford 2. Get that Pardew signed back up. Oh well, there's always next week... Crystal Palace 5, Newcastle United 1. Deary me!