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allt burn, stream + a'chlaidheimh Scottish Gaelic of the sword (corruption). Population - 10.

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May 2017

Argyll and Bute Coat of Arms

If heading to or from Luss, these colourful, eye-catching cottages will certainly do just that as you make your way along the old Loch Lomond road.

Aldochlay - Cottages

On a previous visit through here in 2014, there was a bit of extra blue provided by some Scottish Referendum campaign paraphernalia. It won't be told which way they were swinging but if it had gone that way, access wouldn't be allowed without a passport today, probably.

There's a small 'marina' behind and a lay-by with room for, oooh, three cars? Or two cars and a trailer if you're bringing your dinghy. Or one car and two trailers but then where's the other car? Or three trailers?

Three trailers? Are you crazy? How exactly does that work?

There's a statue in the bay that you can just catch a glimpse of through the trees. No, a child didn't drown although why it's called Wee Peter isn't exactly clear.

William Kerr was a local orphan who had spent a happy childhood here before ending up in London being a bit of a builder. One presumably well-heeled client had Kerr commissioned to construct their fancy new home but were fussily nonplussed at the statue for '  mon repose'.

When Kerr decided to return here for good in 1890, he nicked it from the skip and brought it back with him. He plopped it on a plinth to, somewhat selfishly, fondly remind him of his formative years here.

Given his choice of profession, couldn't he just have supplied the Tarmac™ for that badly needed marina car park?

He'd only have to wait 11 years for it to be invented.

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 Wee Peter