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comh together + ruith Scottish Gaelic running. Population - 1,839.

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Perth and Kinross Coat of Arms

The Gaelic in the name isn't 'Running (away) Together'  Angelo or Gretna Green style, more the sense of the confluence of three rivers, the main River Earn running eastwards from the loch of the same name.

They're not jumping broomsticks here but by the look of it they're actually using them and well-kempt Comrie has an affluent air.

Comrie - Drummond Street

The big, white church is a sight and there's a Gothic one around the corner but enough of that, Hansen's Kitchen is where SlyBob ended up worshipping.

  Hansen's Kitchen (Drummond Street)

As well as the seating, they've an altar full of 'craft', Scottish beers at least a year before they were fashionable and the deli's handy for the haggis and the hummus. Right on the narrow, but busy, high street, this is where you'll likely end up stocking up if you're staying nearby.

A bit like San Francisco and not because there's a big old bridge here, Comrie can claim to be an earthquake capital. 'Shaky Toon', as it's known, experiences more frequent and intense tremors than anywhere else in the UK.

That, by the way, isn't a joke about Newcastle United's defence, which will still be topical whenever you're reading this

Here is bang on the Highland Boundary Fault, you see, and state-of-the-art seismic detection equipment has been installed just south of the village in a purpose-built and earthquake-safe structure.

Follow the thin road south to the Ross and it's in a field, on a hump. Stand outside then simulate a Highland Boundary Fault seismic event by jumping up and down. This works best if there are several of you.

With all that talk of 'delis' earlier, there's a short walk out to 'De'ils' Caldron, a small waterfall north of the village and yes, that's El Diablo or... the Devil!

Near Comrie - De'ils Caldron

It's from here that the River Lednock gouges its way through a gorgeous gorge and there's a wooden viewing platform for your convenience.

You can continue your walk up to the Melville Monument or decide that the surrounding shrubbery renders the rewarding view a bit of a disappointment, probably.

Near Comrie - Melville Monument

Not to bore you with his details but Melville must have been a bit of a mover back in the day, there's an even bigger one in Edinburgh!

Crossing the river a little way north, the return is via woodland that's home to a slow worm, not shown, so try not to tread on it before making your way back down to Comrie.

You may, however, want to do some homework before you set off and some required revision here shows the bridge over the Lednock was closed. Unlike the Golden Gate, though, it might still be so you'll just have to return the way you came.

Hansen's Kitchen will still be open, however, it really was rather good.

  School Road Car Park

There's free parking near to a school off the narrow, but busy, high street just before, either way, it kinks for a second time. That makes it handy for the erm, narrow, but busy, high street where you'll have to watch your Green Cross Codes.