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dùn fort + bhlàthain Scottish Gaelic (personal name of) saint. Population - 8,811.

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May 2017

Stirling Coat of Arms

Although there's quite a sizeable population, the town centre is surprisingly tiny despite it being home to, an admittedly overexposed, Dunblane Cathedral.

Dunblane Cathedral

Largely 13th century, it borrowed a tower that was built in the 11th before that was added to in the 15th making you even wonder what they were doing during the even centuries?

Only abolishing bishops in the 16th, which means, officially, this ain't no cathedral since there aren't any, bishops that is, in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

That Scottish Reformation, eh?

While this isn't his birthplace, Dunblane is where Sir Champion of Wimbledon Andy Murray grew up, of course, and he's celebrated here with one of them gold post boxes at the top of the high street.

It was a bad year in 2017, however, for he who's unfairly dismissed as dour and a long-term injury means his current world ranking is down to 14th.

  Choices Deli (High Street)

While you're not exactly spoilt for choice, Choices is one of your options for an alfresco, frothy coffee and, with a couple of tables outside, it's literally on the high street.

Everything so far appears to add up to a wealthy, commuter town with the golf club's 18th and 19th holes and toffs hunkering in the bunkers from the 'Glorious 12th' onwards to shoot at grouse on the surrounding fairways, possibly.

Everything that looks to be easy on the eye in Dunblane sits just east of the river and by river it's meant Allan Water, which flows south to the River Forth and yes, of 'Firth of' fame. Highlights to the west look to include the original train station and a big Tesco™s, which is very much 20th century.

Dunblane - Allan Water
Dunblane - Allan Water

There's a riverside path back up to the cathedral to save you retracing your steps and by that it's meant back up the high street, which is largely deserted on a Sunday.

  The Riverside (Stirling Road)

With their Courier font, this looks to be where the crafty folk of Dunblane congregate for sharing boards and local brews on an attractive-looking terrace.

Was it mentioned this place is surprisingly small with not much happening on the Sabbath? Ordinarily, second-millennium ordinals wouldn't simply be listed and that's thought to be all of them but, wait a minute, where's the 17th?

That'll be today's date, Bingo! Well, it all looks nice enough but unless you're one of those commuters and that lawn needs a haircut, there isn't a great deal else to do.

In fact, it's fair to say, it's enough to make anyone take up tennis.

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