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lafa (personal name) + hām Old English homestead. Population - 1,413.

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All whitewashed and wonky is the wood in Lavenham. Not quite your typical Tudor but most of it dates back to just after the medieval making it a popular place with the day-trippers.

Lavenham - Lady Street
Lavenham - High Street

There's a long association with the wool trade and there's a chance of getting fleeced on the high street but that's custom alpaca knitting for you.

Yes, Lavenham is very much that kind of place.

They're chasing a Michelin™ Star at the Swan Hotel & Spa. Somewhat less refined is the Memsaab tandoori and the hardest working waiter ever. This really was rather good even if the unlikely setting has you half expecting a highwayman every time the door goes.

Lavenham - Memsaab

Bombay Duck Turpin?

  Swan at Lavenham Hotel & Spa (High Street)

Lavenham's luxurious offering although you-know-what means that former head chef and MasterChef contestant, no less, Justin Kett has moved on to do his own thing elsewhere should you happen to be in Hadleigh.

They filmed some Harry Potter here, in and around the marketplace. The Deathly Hallows is a bit unfair, the atmosphere in the bar of the Angel Hotel was actually quite lively and it's just as wonky on the inside.

Lavenham - Marketplace

They also filmed the last ever episode of Lovejoy here, honestly.

'Last Tango in Lavenham' had the antique-loving rogue rummaging in a Welsh Dresser for some treasure while Tinker kept lookout at the Guildhall door, probably.

You won't find it anywhere on catch-up so not necessarily a spoiler. Saying that, UKTV DRAMA now seem to be showing it if you're up and about at 7 AM on a Saturday.

Now, a National Trust™ grudge isn't exactly being harboured since Dunwich Heath but they now run the Old Guildhall and if the history of the village is your thing, this time, the parking's free.

The church of St Peter and St Paul claims the tallest village church tower in Britain. It was dark on arrival and drizzling on departure so that can't be confirmed, it wasn't even seen!

Unlike Lovejoy on a Sunday night. Little did you know at the time that you'd be walking in sweary McShane's shoes, eh?

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