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vestlithi Old Norse (personal name) + tūn Old English enclosure, farmstead. Population - 433.

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Suffolk Coat of Arms

If you've been seduced by ludicrously good value cycle hire in the North East Suffolk area then you'll probably find yourself in Westleton at some point.

A relative metropolis between the busy A12 and the sea, it's handy for nearby Dunwich and the birds at Minsmere. The place itself boasts two pubs, a shop, an old-skool garage, a bookshop and...

Westleton - Village Green
Westleton - Village Pond

Everybody's favourite, a big ol' village green with a duck pond. Careful now, there's danger of death by dying!

  The White Horse Inn (Darsham Road)

Typically Suffolk village pub with grub and lodgings. It's run by Adnams™, no less, who have a virtual monopoly on these places like you hadn't noticed already.

This place isn't to be confused with nearby Middleton where there's an old Boxing Day tradition of parading a captured and duly dispatched, dead wren around the village.

Westleton - Village Shop + Crown Inn (just)

They use a wooden one now but the ground's still a bit dodgy on the blacked-up faces.

Speaking of Middleton, and for that matter delicate birds who suffer unwanted attention, HRHs Will & Kate had their first wedding anniversary here and the Crown put them up.

  The Westleton Crown (The Street)

Cosy bar with, despite a now royal reputation, mid-priced restaurant and accommodation. Luckily they also let peasants in makeshift cycling gear into the bar and, rather surprisingly, it's not run by Adnams™.

  Chapel Books (The Street)

Destination venue in an old chapel for proper bibliophiles but a great place to browse if £980 for a copy of Anatomia ex Caspari Bartholini Parentis Institutionibus, Omniumque Recentiorum & propriis Observationibus, Tertium ad sanguinis Circulationem Reformata Cum Iconibus novis accuratissimis is a bit outside of your budget.

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