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lyn Unknown (river-name) + tūn Old English farmstead, settlement. Population - 1,157.

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Oh dear! Today in North Devon is predicted to be a washout what with this slow-moving band, nay swathe, of rain. Not to worry, it will be clearing from the east so let's head that way anyway and where better to start than Lynton?


A bit of a shame since it looks rather eye catching on the surface of the surface water, all 500-foot up in the clouds.

Lynton Town Hall

The usual suspects, them Victorians, transformed the town, christening it 'Little Switzerland' and leaving their architecture as a legacy.

Lynton - Valley of Rocks Hotel

This is the Valley of Rocks Hotel and what looks to be the last remaining of the original, grand accommodation providers.

It namechecks a geographical feature about a mile west of town, which is well worth a stroll to if goats and mounds get you excited, just not today, eh?

A town of two halves this, upper and lower, if only there was a convenient way down?

Lynton - To Lynmouth

Of course there's a funicular, the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway and, get this, it's the highest and steepest in the world, they say.

Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway
Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway

Hang on! Isn't there a steeper one in Hastings never mind the near-vertical one in big Switzerland? There is but here they mean water-powered, not electric, which, to be fair, they do make clear in the small print.

Hang on! What about Saltburn-by-the-Sea? No, that's not nearly so high but can claim to be the oldest running on water tanks although Aberystwyth stays as the longest whatever the mechanics.

It's a complicated business statistics-wise and is why nobody has ever played a game of funicular Top Trump™s, probably.

What's that you ask? No, not today, eveybody else is seeking similar shelter even if that's by being crammed into a tiny train compartment and the queue for it is nearly back down to the bottom.

  South West Coast Path

Being in the South West and bang on the coast then it's no surprise to find that the South West Coast Pass passes right through here.

If you're walking England's longest National Trail anticlockwise from Minehead then you're only 21 miles in so just the 598-or-so to go to Dorset. If you're coming from Dorset then it's still about 21 miles to Minehead and you've been going the wrong way, anyways.

There's a zig-zap path up and through Lynton leading to the Valley of Rocks at the start of day three but it starts at the foot of the cliff railway. There are still 598-or-so miles to go, remember, so SlyBob don't think that's really cheating, is it?

Hurry up and slurp down that coffee, there looks to be a brief break in the weather and the opportunity for a slightly soggy wander.

With the rain goggles off, Lynton reveals itself to be really rather marvellous and while not exactly Alpine, the granite could be Lakeland?

Lynton - Queen Street
Lynton Toy Museum and Shop

A Costcutter™ and a school suggest that some people actually live here although the toy shop and museum confirms they get their fair share of visitors.

The fleshpots and knick-knack providers on the sloping Queen Street create the illusion of a fishing village but the sea is 500-foot below, remember, so you'll have to head to lower Lynton for that.

Lynton - Queen Street

The bit at the bottom is actually Lynmouth and is just as much of a draw with what passes for a beach in these parts and an esplanade.

Not that anything will be known of that today but what is known is that a flood in 1952 effectively destroyed the village of Lynmouth in circumstances similar to the famous Boscastle deluge in 2004.

It's thought that preventative measures have since been put in place but they'd better get the sandbags out...

The next one, it's reckoned, is due in about half an hour!

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